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Centurion™ Environmentally Friendly Water Filtration

Centurion™ Benefits

CleanStart Detergentless Laundry System

Chemical Free Laundry

RainSoft media systems utilize Chemical Free Scale Prevention providing an Environmentally Friendly option for water treatment. Safe for landscaping and lawn watering.

Your water will be smooth and gentle “sodium free”. Beneficial minerals retained for more healthful drinking water.

Worry Free Treatment

Compatible with all on-site and community wastewater treatment systems. The RainSoft Centurion is not subject to water conditioner restrictions and bans.

Virtually maintenance free. No salt bags or other chemicals to buy, transport and store.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint
Energy Efficient

Tested & Certified

Tested by an independent laboratory against the international protocol for scale prevention, the original product achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating—the only technology to do so and far more effective than any other scale prevention technology.

Powerful technology backed by extensive testing.

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No Wasted Water or Electricity

Centurion systems do not require electricity or backwashing. Save money and water with zero electricity usage and no water waste. Improves the efficiency of water-using appliances.

Simple installation—no electrical and drain hookup.

Centurion™ PDF
Save Money

What's in Your Water

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